Why Choose Us?


At EPIC International School, we take our name from an acronym used by teachers in Britain. By giving them four easily remembered steps, teachers can better understand the needs of their students and constantly improve their teaching style. The four points that influence our school are:


This means our classes are fun and crafted to meet the needs of every child, so that EVERYONE is involved in our activities and adventures. We constantly challenge and engage the imagination of your child with creative and unique lessons, so that they can develop all of the essential skills they will need when they enter Primary School (Elementary School).

Together we will take trips, grow plants, create art masterpieces, visit friends, build amazing gadgets and learn English every step of the way!! By learning English by playing, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, experimenting, going on adventures, visiting new places, and making new friends, your children won’t just memorize English, but truly learn it, in a natural and supportive environment.

We understand that the highest priority for parents/guardians is the education, happiness and safety of their children. At E.P.I.C. International School, we offer a safe and engaging environment for children to explore the world of English by following the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which concentrates on teaching young children all of the skills they will need when they enter Primary School (Elementary School).

The EYFS curriculum is divided into two main sections, Prime Areas and Specific Areas. The Prime Areas are the overall goals we hope to see your child achieve, whilst the Specific Areas concentrate on more defined targets.

Prime Areas:


Communication and Language: This refers to listening, understanding and speaking English as a native language. Your child will be able to comprehend and communicate in English naturally and fluently.

Physical Development: Through a variety of active games and challenges, your child will develop their physical strength and prowess. They will also be taught the importance of keeping themselves healthy, through exercise and a balanced diet.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making new friends is an important part of growing up, and with all classes sharing a 30 minute activity together every day, we offer a more diverse social circle than any preschool in Nagoya. We also aim to build your child’s self-confidence, self-awareness and their ability to manage their own feelings and behavior.

Specific Areas:


Literacy: Starting with our Cherry Class (1-2 year olds), our students will be introduced to English storybooks and the idea of using writing/drawing utensils. By the end of the year, some of our Strawberry students (2-3 year olds), will be able to read and write their own name without assistance.

Mathematics: Starting with simple concepts such as counting and going shopping, all of the students will have the mathematical knowledge they will need when it comes time for them to move to Primary School.

Understanding the World: Every month we will take a trip, have an event or invite a guest to visit our school, in order to introduce your child to the world around them. We will also be using a range of technology in our classes, from tablets to video cameras, to make our classes that much more modern and dynamic.

Expressive Arts and Design: Through music, painting, playing, building and role-playing, your child will learn to expressive themselves using a wide range of materials and gadgets available at our school. Our aim is to nurture their imagination and see it flourish.

The EYFS does not only state the formatimg_2514 of our lessons, but the teaching style as well; all of the instructors at E.P.I.C. International School will focus on three central teaching characteristics:

Playing and exploring: Under supervised and safe conditions, your child will be given the freedom to explore the world around them in a fun and comfortable environment.

Active Learning: Every activity your child will take part in will seem more like a game than a lesson, but will be crafted to tackle the Prime and Specific Areas of the EYFS curriculum.

Creating and Thinking Critically: It is vital that your child truly learns English and doesn’t just memorize certain words and phrases. We aim to challenge your child so they can realise their full potential; allowing them to solve problems by instinctively thinking of a solution in English.

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